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Work Ethic Award

About the Program

Work Ethic AwardHigh schools serve as a bridge for student transition to adult life. Upon completion of high school, students have formed habits they will carry with them the rest of their lives. One of the fundamental goals of all high schools is to produce graduates who will be responsible, productive members of the community. The Southeast Kentucky Chamber of Commerce believes that there is a direct relationship between the work ethic that young people display in school and their future success. By striving to instill a positive work ethic in students, the Chamber will help ensure their futures as responsible, productive members of the community.

Because the Southeast Kentucky Chamber recognizes the value of a strong work ethic, it will present a special Work Ethic Award (WEA) to students who meet the high standards defined in the criteria. This special award will validate students who earn the credential as prime candidates for employment and/or postsecondary education.


Only seniors are eligible to apply for this distinction. Students must commit to the program at the beginning of the senior year and complete the student commitment form by September 9 and the final application by March 3. Students transferring from non-participating schools must be enrolled in a participating school for a minimum of one semester and declare their commitment at the time of enrollment. The award, which includes a certificate and a medallion, will be presented at the close of the senior year.


The following ten standards have been established to determine eligibility for the Work Ethic Award certificate and medallion: attendance, punctuality, discipline, achievement, community service, work ethic, dependability, respectfulness, cooperation and video participation.

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