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Ambassador Committee

Chamber Ambassadors are the “goodwill arm” of the Chamber. They are charged with extending the hand of friendship to old and new members alike. Ambassadors promote retention by welcoming new members, making goodwill calls, assisting with ribbon cuttings, and attending various Chamber events, such as business after hours, grand openings, and membership luncheons.

Chamber Ambassadors serve as a liaison between the Chamber and other Chamber members, and assist members in fully recognizing the value of their Chamber membership. The Chamber relies on the Ambassadors to aid in relaying information to and from members, identifying concerns, and garnering support from the Chamber.

What is the Ambassador Committee?

The Ambassador Committee serves as a liaison between the Chamber and its members. Ambassadors are a proactive link between new and existing members and are representatives of the Chamber at Chamber and Community Events. Ambassadors create a feeling of friendliness and promote a professional atmosphere to establish business contacts.

The Ambassador Committee carries the Chamber's message to prospective and  existing members and the community as the official "host" of the Chamber.

  • Welcome new members to the Chamber by attending Ribbon Cuttings
  • Represent the Chamber at business and institution openings, special Chamber and community events, and meetings.
  • Assist new and old members in maximizing the value of their Chamber membership.
  • Commit to participate one full year from the date of acceptance.
  • Recruit a minimum of 1 new Chamber member each year.
  • Attend Chamber events
  • Stay well informed about the Chamber, membership benefits, and programs.
  • Visit new Chamber members and deliver New Member information.
  • Retain a professional appearance and attitude when representing the Chamber.

Mission of the Ambassador Committee

To promote a welcoming feeling of friendliness and inclusion while increasing participation within the Southeast Kentucky Chamber by involving more new and existing members.


  • To promote the Southeast Kentucky Chamber throughout the region, to assist the Chamber in providing value for our existing members, and to encourage other businesses to join the Chamber.
  • To develop a program of contact with current members, especially recently added members to enhance retention.
  • To promote new member participation, networking, and involvement at all Chamber meetings and/or events.
  • To visit and welcome new businesses and inform them of the benefits of becoming a Chamber member.

Membership Requirements

Membership to the Ambassador Committee is open to any qualified current member in good standing of the Southeast Kentucky Chamber who agrees to the following:

  • Maintain a strong desire to carry out the mission and purpose of the Ambassador Committee.
  • Recognize that some personal sacrifice of time and effort may be required of members since it is essential the member carry out their functions in a manner that reflects positively on both the community and the Chamber as a whole.

Committee Benefits

Chamber Ambassadors will be awarded and rewarded monthly for their ambassadorial endeavors, based upon a points system. For each activity or goal accomplished by an ambassador, they will receive a set number of points.

Ambassador Point System

  • Recruit New Chamber Member……100 pts
  • Attend Ribbon Cutting…………………50 pts
  • Attend Business After Hours…………50 pts
  • Attend Ambassador Luncheon………30 pts
  • Recruitment / Retention Visit…………25 pts
  • Bring a Potential Member………………25 pts
  • Attend Committee Meeting……………20 pts
  • Attend Chamber Function/Event……20 pts
  • Pay Chamber within 30 Days…………10 pts


All awards will be based on points earned through participation. Points will be tracked through sign in sheets at each event. Failure to sign in forfeits the points. The sheet is usually in the reception area of an event.

  • Each month, the Ambassador with the highest point total will be featured by the Chamber as the “Ambassador of the Month”.
  • At the end of each fiscal year, Ambassadors that attend 75% of all Chamber Ribbon Cuttings and events will receive a certificate recognition at the Chamber’s Annual Awards Night.
  • An Ambassador of the Year Award will be given to the Ambassador with the highest point total.
  • Additional rewards and recognition may be provided to Ambassadors throughout the year with various gifts of appreciation.

Surprise Patrol

Once a month, the Ambassador Committee surprises two Chamber members with balloons as a way to say "thank you" for being a part of the Chamber.

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