Lon B. Rogers Lifetime Achievement Award
This award is given to an Eastern Kentuckian who has spent years of their life striving to make east Kentucky  a better place. The person receiving the Lon B. Rogers Lifetime Achievement Award is someone who has a strong love for the region and has made a significant impact, creating change and progress in the region.


2017 Pamela Todd May

2016 Hon. Leslie Combs

2015 Jim Brown

2014 Frank Bailey

2013 Terry Dotson

2012 Jack Sykes

2011 Dennis Dorton

2010 Lynn Parrish

2009 Hal Smith

2008 Walter May

2007 Dr. John Strosnider

2007 JoAnn Strosnider

2006 Lucille Smith

2005 William Baird

2004 Dr. Mary Wiss

2003 Chuck Chrisman

2002 Dr. Mary Pauline Fox

2001 Gov. Paul Patton

2000 Leon Huffman

1999 Lon B. Rogers

1998 E. Bruce Walters

1996 Bill Owens

1994 Burlin Coleman