Business Person of the Year
The Award for Business Person of the Year is given to an individual or to business partners who have demonstrated support for the advancement and leadership development of business and professionals in Eastern Kentucky. The recipient not only has the industry of the region at heart but also the further development of its people.

2017 Anonymous

2016 W. Allen Gillum

2015 Lynn Parrish
2015 Rusty Justice   

2014 Bob Hutchison
2014 Tom Hutchison

2013 Bruce Walters

2012 Dwayne Moore

2011 Joel Thornbury

2010 Keith Casebolt

2009 Sandy Austin Feltner

2008 Gordon Wagner
2008 Kenis Coleman

2007 Gerald Robinette

2006 Debbie Huffman
2006 Tom Huffman

2005 James England

2004 Joe Adams

2003 Joann Anderson

2002 Darrell Maynard

2001 Hal Smith

2000 Marty Backus

1999 Terry Dotson

1998 Doug Hinkle

1997 Martha O’Regan Chill

1996 Jean Hale