Business Person of the Year
The Award for Business Person of the Year is given to an individual or to business partners who have demonstrated support for the advancement and leadership development of business and professionals in Eastern Kentucky. The recipient not only has the industry of the region at heart but also the further development of its people. | Recipient List

Business of the Year
The Business of the Year award is given to a business who has exemplified economic impact and expansion in Southeastern Kentucky. This business should have a stabilized workforce and influence on the local, county and state level. | Recipient List

Outstanding Contributions by an Organization or Business
The award for Outstanding Contributions Toward Community Service by an Organization or Business cannot be given to an individual, only to a business who makes a difference in the lives of Southeast Kentuckians. | Recipient List

Small Business of the Year
This should be a small business with 20 or less employees that has implemented business strategies that have proved successful in generating extraordinary economic activity; setting an example of successful local entrepreneurship. | Recipient List

Service Organization of the Year
The award for Service Organization of the Year is given to a not-for-profit organization that has shown great support to the communities of the region. The organization must strongly impact the community and serve its people. | Recipient List

Chamber Volunteer of the Year
The Chamber Volunteer of the Year Award is given to someone who exhibits the qualities of a servant leader and who has invested time and/or support in the Chamber.  This person should have helped with multiple organizations within the Chamber or be positively affecting the state of the Chamber. | Recipient List

Junior Williamson Memorial East KY Ambassador of the Year
The Junior Williamson Memorial East Kentucky Ambassador Award has been given since 1991 in honor of the late Junior Williamson. Many will remember Junior Williamson, but many may not know what a true ambassador he was for East Kentucky - raising positive awareness of the area beyond its borders. This honor is awarded to a person who embodies the role of an ambassador for Eastern Kentucky throughout the region, the state and possibly the nation. | Recipient List

Lon B. Rogers Lifetime Achievement Award
This award is given to an Eastern Kentuckian who has spent years of their life striving to make east Kentucky  a better place. The person receiving the Lon B. Rogers Lifetime Achievement Award is someone who has a strong love for the region and has made a significant impact, creating change and progress in the region. | Recipient List

Citizen of the Year Award
The Citizen of the Year Award is presented to a citizen who has exhibited qualities of leadership in the form of creating positive change or uniting our citizens in order to build a stronger community. | Recipient List